A few years ago, I found myself looking for something else from my career. I wanted to be able to continue my professional development and help others succeed without feeling that I was missing out on family life. This is when I retrained as a life coach.

I’m a married mum of two young children- Henri and Alba, living in Valencia, Spain. Although I was born and grew up in England, I have lived between Spain and England for most of my adult life. We’re a multi-cultural family with my husband being French and so we have a tri-lingual household.

Having lived in different areas and worked in multiple sectors in the UK and Spain it gives me the ability to share my experiences and appreciation of the differences in cultures and backgrounds during my coaching sessions. I’m extremely passionate about helping others who want to reassess their current situation and take their next steps, find direction, identify goals and create a plan on how to achieve them, develop professionally perhaps meaning promotion, a change in career or setting up on their own. I also love working with those looking to reduce stress and find a balance between their career and personal life.

Not only do I enjoy working with individuals or individuals within teams, I also take pleasure in working with groups and whole teams whether that be for one off workshops or regular coaching sessions.

As a dedicated coach I tailor each course to individual clients and I pride myself on being a constant support every step of the way, enabling my clients to achieve their goals.

With over 15 years proven experience in management, learning and development, recruitment and coaching I have worked with both private individuals and businesses including Madame Tussauds, Merlin Entertainments, Adecco, Hays Recruitment, Allianz, ING amongst other international companies.

If you'd like to find out more about my coaching style and how I could help you to make changes in your life then please get in touch using the form below.