The Importance of Accountability

Chloe Delaunay

How many of us are guilty of saying we’ll do something that never gets done?

I’m sure the answer is most of us. Now I’m not saying that you have to complete every little task that pops in to your head – my ironing basket is constantly groaning for example, but when it comes to the big stuff, who can hand on heart say they are 100% committed to achieving their goals and ideas?


So, why is it so important that we are accountable for the ideas and goals we have?

Well for me it’s all about commitment, seeing myself develop and my ideas come to fruition. It’s also such a great feeling to accomplish what you set out to do.

Accountability is often considered to be a business term but of course it doesn’t have to only be considered in this sense- of course it’s vital in maintaining a positive company culture, vision and ethics, making sure both an organisation’s & employee’s expectation are met but accountability also helps us all improve our personal and professional performance.

Who should we be accountable to?

Some of us are great at being accountable to ourselves whereas others need a little helping hand whether that be checking in with a boss, colleague, partner, friend or coach. Having someone else to hold you to your commitments really helps to keep you on track. You don’t always need a formal agreement, just sharing your plans with others can sometimes be that push you need.

Here’s a few ways I ensure accountability:

  • Keeping a to do list and keep it visible!
  • Write SMART goals and keep them in my diary and business journal
  • Keeping a business journal
  • Sharing my goals and plans with my coach, friends and family
  • Monthly accountability sessions with my coach


So, how many of these do you do? Or do you have another method you’d like to share? And who are you accountable to?

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